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Tips For Winning Thanksgiving

Tips For Winning Thanksgiving

November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving, and this time of year in general,  is an event where excess is the rule of the day. If you’re trying to gain control over your body, a day like this could be a derailed for you and set you back as you allow yourself to fall off the wagon for the rest of the holidays. If you want to maintain your control, try these tips and see if they help you stay on track.

1. Portion control: Enjoy small amounts of all the food’s you love.

2. Pick your poison: If you’re a dessert person, go healthy or a reduced volume on the dinner so you can splurge on the dessert. If you love the stuffing and gravy, go nuts but skip the dessert.

3. Go “non traditional”: This is my favorite idea. For years I’ve been having lobster and salad on Thanksgiving. It’s a decadent treat, I’m full after eating it and it has far less impact on my waist.

4. Do your due diligence: Ask your host whats on the menu and make a plan. There may be something on the menu that works with your diet and if not, you may offer to bring a side dish that you know is healthy.

5. Make your plan ahead of time and stick to it! You can be strong and still enjoy food and your friends and family.

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