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Time Off: Harmful or Helpful?

Time Off: Harmful or Helpful?

July 28, 2017

Time off from working is generally looked at in two ways…terrifying to the dedicated exerciser or a Godsend to someone who isn’t that into it. The irony is that the opposite is usually what each party needs, respectively.

Generally speaking, the systemic and local toll that exercise can take on a dedicated exerciser can lead to over-training and injury. If you are a person that always pushes your limits, never misses a day and trains with no days off, you are probably someone who would benefit from a week off here and there to let your whole body recover and repair from the chronic abuse it’s getting. The dedicated exerciser tends to forget that rest is the key ingredient to exercise improvement.

Conversely, if you are a once or twice a week type of exerciser, low intensity exerciser or elderly, keeping moving and not taking time off will probably be best suited for you. This is because your frequency and intensity are low enough, your body isn’t getting beat up as much and it needs the constant movement to keep you mobile, strong and functioning at a level that keeps you able for your activities of daily living. Infrequent and low intensity exercisers forget that time off can start a slippery slope of losing the improvements you’ve made and having to start over from scratch.

Analyzing which category you fall into and applying time off or adding days in is an intelligent practice. Our instructors can help guide you in how to manage your exercise intensity, frequency and if you need time off, to ensure you are maximizing your training goals.


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