Less is More

April 1, 2017

I’m a big fan of shorter duration exercise. I’ve always played sprint sports, experimented with ultra abbreviated work outs, intervals, etc….and loathed endurance activity! We all have our interests and that’s fine. However, the prevailing myth is that endurance is the measure of fitness. Marathons, triathlons, etc impress with the amount time and distance they cover. But do […]

Clients Success: Staying Motivated Through Breast Cancer And Beyond

March 17, 2017

First of all I would like to say that when I was presented the opportunity with working with a personal trainer, I was scared to death. I was never an athletic person nor did I have any understanding about how to lift weights properly or eat proper foods. My ActiviKey trainer was very understanding and […]

Psychology and Fitness

March 10, 2017

Many of these blogs will focus on how psychology works with fitness and more specifically, changing habits. I think we can all agree that the argument for exercise being good for us in any fashion is indisputable. From walking, to doing a high intensity bootcamp, to playing a sport, there is benefit at every level. […]

What’s The Best Exercise?

February 21, 2017

What’s the best exercise for abs, or chest or legs, etc. The answer is more involved than the media would have you believe. A good first question would be “best for what?” Are you looking to flatten your stomach or reduce your hips? Then the best exercise is self-control at feeding time! We recently heard […]

Qi Gong for Health, Relaxation and Fitness

February 8, 2017

Qi Gong (pronounced chee goong) literally means cultivation of vital life force energy, or qi. Practiced for thousands of years this ancient Chinese system of health and fitness subscribes to the belief that all pain, imbalance, illness and disease, whether on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level, begins in the body’s energy system. This […]

How To Start Getting In Shape

January 31, 2017

If you’ve spent any time online looking into fitness, you will see amazing bodies doing amazing things. These images can be great inspiration for some but intimidating for others. So let’s imagine that you aren’t 22 for a minute and see if we can help you get yourself moving, feeling better and losing weight. At […]

What is a Functional Core?

January 18, 2017

You have all heard the fitness buzz words “core” and “functional”. Just what do they mean and why are they important? Core: Your core is simply the middle portion of your body, your torso. All movements start with the core (or should) either as a stabilizer or mover. Functional: Exercises that are functional mimic your […]

ActiviKey Featured on ABC7

January 2, 2017

ABC 7 features ActiviKey, a Sarasota based fitness company where the instructors come to your home on your schedule. The feature explains that not everyone can get to a fitness center for a variety of reasons – and not everyone wants to be associated with negatives of a fitness club. ActiviKey is a safe, reliable […]

To Have Knot

December 26, 2016

You’ve heard of “knots” in your muscles? Those super sore spots you get? The upper back is a very common spot you will feel when you get a massage. Well, many experts believe that the knots, often referred to as myofascial trigger points, are specific areas of contraction within the fiber. Knots seem to develop […]

The Right Stuff?

December 21, 2016

The amount of technology that goes into fitness equipment is impressive. “State of the Art” and “Cutting Edge” are words we hear indicating that, if you had access to it, you could find the body you’ve always wanted. So what if you want to get fit at home? Personal definitions of fitness aside, the bottom line […]