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Gardening for Well-Being

Gardening for Well-Being

April 24, 2017

There are many opinions on the subject of taking care of our health and well-being. Not to mention we’re not all the same and we need different things to take care of ourselves properly.

Being an introvert, exercising at home or in nature where I feel more comfortable works best for me. That being said, there are many introverts who get more out of being at a fitness center where they can make use of the energy of others around them. There’s definitely something to be said about leaving your comfort zone, the tricky part is knowing how far you can push yourself.

My newest passion is growing lettuces. There’s something about cultivating, and picking, then eating what you’ve grown. It’s been beneficial for my diet and emotional health. Being outside in the early morning or evening, watering or removing debris from the earth boxes instantly changes my state of mind and brings me a sense of peace, or well-being. Daily tending can be a kind of meditation, which studies have proven and we know has a multitude of health benefits. Inviting the plentiful birds by placing a bird-feeder and birdbath nearby creates a visual and audible environment that can lift your spirits and ward off negative thoughts and depression.

Moving our bodies in any way can be beneficial. Taking care to bend correctly when watering or weeding by engaging your core is important. I have a few planters on a picnic bench and do a few pushups amidst chirps and rustling leaves. I can say I exercised today and feel good about it!


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