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Applying Proper Form in Life

Applying Proper Form in Life

August 21, 2017

I was gifted a Grilling Herb Garden with sage, rosemary and thyme. Luckily I have parsley, the song is complete!

It’s been awhile since I’ve gardened. Moving to a new home and the heat index were factors, and by factors I mean excuses. I missed it, a lot! It brings me back to earth and creates a peace of mind that can be absent some days.

While sitting on the ground making room for the new herbs in the Earthbox, I became uncomfortable and my back started to feel tight. I had forgotten to be mindful when bending, lifting and sitting. It’s easy to get hurt when we’re out of practice and not considering proper form.

I was sitting sideways leaning over the boxes, that’s a lot of pressure on my lower back. I positioned myself differently by straightening my body and engaging my abdomen and glutes. Sitting with a long back, legs crossed and shoulders in-line with hips, enables us to work or play longer, and get stronger. Once completed, I lay on a yoga mat and did a few knee to chest exercises, an easy twist on both sides to help stretch out my lower back, ending with some relaxing in starfish pose. In under an hour I gardened, exercised and stretched. I felt very accomplished!

It is important to remember that the form and techniques you learn from your fitness instructors are meant to be applied in every day life. It’s easy to forget this when you’re in the thick of an activity but that is when you’ll end up injured.

Tips for Herbs

– Earthy Rosemary stalks can be used as skewers for meat and veggies.
– Herbs will stay fresh for weeks. Wash and wrap in a paper towel. Place in a ziploc or any airtight container.


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