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MaryAnn Chirichella

MaryAnn Chirichella

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MaryAnn Chirichella began her career in the holistic health field over 30 years ago when she started her private practice as a licensed massage therapist in New York. She continued her education to become a Nationally Certified Reflexologist, one of only 33 Nationally Accredited Reflexology Educators, a Board Certified Continuing Education Provider, Reiki Master and Tai Qi/Qi Gong Instructor. In 2005 she received her Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in Holistic Health.
Her teaching experience includes 11 years as a faculty member and student adviser at New York College of Health Professions, a massage and acupuncture college on Long Island. She also served as a community educator, offering meditation, qi gong, tai qi, self-massage, stress management and other self-empowerment classes throughout Long Island and Queens. These include Queens College Center for Unlimited Enrichment, Queensborough Community College, Board of Education for City of New York and various corporations. Presently she still runs her own Continuing Education program, offering classes for Licensed Massage Therapists in New York and Florida.
MaryAnn spent 7 years training with Stillness in Motion, a Long Island based Tai Qi and Qi Gong School. Her training included successful completion of their extensive two year “Qi Gong for Healing” program. Her goal is to use the skills she learned there and from her 26 years of practice to empower others with the skills necessary to achieve peace, harmony, balance and optimum health.


For over ten years, I have suffered from the pain, fatigue and depression caused by fibromyalgia. I tried everything, including anti-inflammatory drugs. Nothing really helped. I began to faithfully practice the Qi Gong techniques taught by MaryAnn Chirichella. After only a few weeks I began to feel more energetic. Soon I began to experience some pain relief. In just one month my pain was under control and my depression began to lift. MaryAnn has a talent for teaching in a nurturing way. She is patient and always takes time to give personalized attention, so you get it right.

Melissa Price, LMT

Making Qi Gong a part of my daily routine has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself. I feel more energized. My blood pressure is down. I feel more emotionally balanced. Overall my health has improved tremendously. I want to thank MaryAnn Chirichella for her patience and support. She may just be one of the best teachers I have ever had the privilege to work with.

Ilene Becker, LMT

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