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Mike Vega

Mike Vega

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Mike Vega has always been fascinated by the mechanics of body movements. Starting out in theater at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts, he studied acting and became more aware of how body movements can portray different ages and physicality. After a two year master class with the great Jose Ferrer, he segued from Shakespeare into musical theater where he started to excel. Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, dancing always came naturally to him and he found his true love.

With the huge music video explosion of the 80’s, Mike soon found himself dancing next to the likes of Diana Ross, Billy Idol, Rosie Perez, Vicki Sue Robinson to name a few. After awhile, he was soon choreographing the videos himself. Tired of waiting tables in between gigs to make ends meet, it seemed a natural progression into personal training and physical fitness so he got certified with ISSA and applied himself to changing the world. Starting out at the very exclusive Manhattan Sports Club, he was soon training a number of high profile individuals, celebrities from the soap opera world, music industry and talk show circuit, including Geraldo Rivera who featured Mike on his show a number of times.

Mike now lives in Sarasota and has been a successful personal trainer for almost thirty years now. His motivational lectures on fitness and weight loss without dieting have made him a well sought out speaker on the subject. Also well known for his amazing work with the elderly on body movements, strength training and balance, Mike also specializes on sports specific exercises for the weekend athlete, high school student or stay-at-home mom who just wants to look good.

Mike is always looking for his next challenge so don’t be afraid to contact him with any or all of your obstacles. Whatever it is, he can help.


I have been a client of Mike Vega’s for several years and have nothing but the highest praise and respect for him.   His knowledge of musculature and the human nervous system is impeccable, information that he is well able to communicate to his clients.  Furthermore, having been a dancer he has advanced understanding of the human stance and walking.  For my balance problems this has been invaluable.  Mike is a warm human being entirely sympathetic and very well able to deal with persons young or old who need help and guidance, and at the same time excellent at imposing discipline upon the training session so that the client gets maximum profit.

Charles Beye – 91, Sarasota

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